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Beauty Products from Organic Botanics


What's in your cosmetics?

Many cosmetics and toiletries including so-called 'naturals' and those from famous names and high street outlets contain a cocktail of chemical ingredients GM derived ingredients as well as pesticide, herbicide, chemical fertiliser and other chemical residues from various animal and vegetable sources. All of these can impair the general health and vitality of otherwise healthy skin.

Organic Botanics is an ethical company which was established nine years ago by herbalist Celsi Richfield and her family who are long-time vegetarians. It is a pioneer company of organic skin care. Celsi has been formulating natural skin care products for over twenty years and has gone to great lengths to produce a unique organic range of unusually high quality.

The plant oils used are certified organic, cool-pressed and unrefined to retain their full complement of valuable nutrients and vitamins. We use certified organic aloe-vera gel, floral waters, herbal extracts and essential oils from plants and flowers, organically grown to the highest homeopathic standards. The vitality of the ingredients is protected from light in green and amber glass jars, and pharma-grade PET bottles which are recyclable. We use a gentle, nature-identical, food-grade preservative which is approved by the Soil Association.

These products are now used in all my facials and are also available to buy.

Organic Botanics Products

These products do not contain any parabens, synthetic colours or perfumes, lanolin, chemical UV filters, Animal ingredients, paraffinium, propylene glycol.

The wonderful ingredients used in our products include:
Nourishing and vitalising Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Organic Apricot Kernal Oil, Organic Aloe-Vera, Organic Rosewater, Essential Oil of Organic Ylang-Ylang, Essential Oil of Organic French Lavender, Essential Oil of Organic Roman Camomile, Natural Vitamin E and a natural UV filter derived from rice-bran oil. *V*, Organic Jasmine oil, Organic pink lotus oil.

Organic Ingredients



Moisturising Nutritive Cream ( medium / light ) 19
Moisturising Nutritive Cream ( extra rich ) 19
Deep Cleansing Milk 16
Floral toner 14
French Clay and Seaweed mask 16
Pink Lotus and Jasmine Facial Elixir €22
Creamy eye gel €16
Peppermint cream lip balm 8
Satin body lotion 16
Organic Vapour Rub 10
Pure French Lavender Essential Oil 12
Pure Tee Tree Essential Oil 11

Most products are kept in stock, any others will be ordered and take about a week to arrive.
For more information or to purchase products please call.